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Alex (Brainin) Nikiforoff

Musician composer and producer

EFR worked with the following artists:


  • Max Glass
  • Susanna Ketron
  • Artists

  • Gabriel Welch
  • Jef Brown
  • Kristina
  • Lyricists

  • Rosalinda Conti
  • Dragan Stojkovski
  • Alek Deva
  • Ramona Cojocar
  • Also

  • Bob Katz
  • L. Pinson
  • A. Kaiser
  • P. Wilmot
  • B. Wilcox
  • Electronic Fantasy Records started as a solo electronic music project back in 2013 by a Russian emigre a musician, composer and producer Alex Nikiforoff who sometime performs under a pen name Alex Brainin.

    Alex was involved with music in one way or the other from the early childhood. Started out on a classical guitar and progressed to rock, reggae and later to Latin American music. In 1994 Alex joined local band called Caliente and performed with them around California for two years before leaving for Portland Oregon where he tried his hand at heavy rock music.

    After perusing goth, heavy metal and punk rock for a half a decade. Alex left the scene and was away from playing music for a while returning back a few years later as a mix engineer.

    In 2010 Alex was introduced to the world of electronic music and after two failed attempts (projects Tales of Rivendell and Frozen Kingdom) in 2014 a first debut solo album was released on Ektoplasm by DJ Basilisk.

    Coincidentally this album was also released by EFR via TuneCore but had to be pulled down from the stores because of licensing conflict with Label Ektoplasm. TuneCore released the album on with YouTube track ID, and according to YouTube license remixes of this album are not permitted, however Label Ektoplasm specifically permits remixes. Therefore, a much later new publication to the stores had to be made later via Distro Kid.

    In 2015 work with local producer Max Glass on the project Terzo Elemento was started and project Electronic Fantasy became EFR.

    Terzo Elemento (Third Element) was a fusion of electronic music and operatic vocal featuring a baritone and a mezzo soprano. The work consists of songs in both English and Italian.

    The Album Story of Lives was temporarily released by EFR in 2016 on bandmix.

    Four singles from that project are going to be released by EFR via Distro Kid publisher in 2019.

    Today EFR is working on a different project. For now it is a deep dark secret.

    Suffice to say that the present work combines both electronic, blues and rock music influences. It involves local California musicians...